Wurst Kitchen Sausage Co.


Original Bratwurst - Mild and very flavorful, Our #1 seller.
Kicker Bratwurst -Perfect Combination of Spice & Heat!
Polish Sausage - Coarse Ground w/ Pepper & Garlic.
Sweet Italian -Traditional Mild w/ Fennel.
Hot Italian -Mild to Medium Heat.
Uber Garlic -The Name Says it All.  Garlic Lovers Only!
Jack Daniels Brat -Smokey Oak Flavor of Jack Daniels Whiskey.
Cheddar Bratwurst -w/ Aged Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese.
Cheddar & Jalapeno Pepper -Mild to Medium Heat.
Cherry Bombs -3 to 4 Times Hotter Than Kicker Bratwurst.
A-Bombs -Atomic Bombs! 3 to 4 Times Hotter Than Cherry Bombs. Caution!
Fire Bombs -Insanely Hot!  Customers Call Them F-Bombs for a Reason!!! Just Don't.
T.P.O. - Sundried Tomato, Green Pepper & Onion
Sicilian - Slightly Spicy w/ Green Pepper, White Wine & Provolone Cheese.
Tequila & Lime -The Brat w/ a Shot!  The Name Says ot All!
Reuben - w/ Corned Beef, Sauerkraut & Swiss.  Top w/ Thousand Island Dressing!
Hawaiian -One Bite & You're Back on the Beach, w/ Sweet Pineapple & Coconut.
Pineapple / Jalapeno -Sweet Heat!  Medium to Mild.
Taco Bratwurst -Spicy, But Not Hot!  Top w/ Lettuce, Onion & Tomato.
Steak & Ale - Tastes Like a Grilled Steak!  Made w/ Real Ale.
Bacon / Cheddar - Smokey Bacon & Aged Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese.
BBQ Bratwurst - Spicy & Full of Flavor.  Not Hot!
G.P.O. Bratwurst - Green Pepper & Onion.
Mushroom & Swiss - w/ Mushrooms & Aged Swiss Cheese.
Potato & Cheddar - Diced Potatoes & Aged Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese.
Onion & Garlic - Wow!  Gonna Need a Breath Mint After This One!!!
Buffalo Bratwurst - Tatanka Brats!  South Dakota Raised Buffalo.
Elk Bratwurst - Hehaka Brats!  Wyoming Raised Elk.
Pizza Bratwurst -Mushroom, Onion, Tomato, Olive, Ham, Salami, Mozzarella, Etc.!
Corned Beef & Cabbage - St. Patrick's Day on a Bun!
White Bratwurst - Traditional Finely Ground Veal Bratwurst.  Precooked.
Bockwurst -German Easter Tradition. Similar to White Brats, Smaller w/ Spring Herbs.
Breakfast (Bulk) - German Pork Sausage, No Sage.
Breakfast (Links) -German Pork Sausage, No Sage.
English Bangers - Traditional English Sausage w/ Bread Crumbs & Sage.
Nurnberger - Similar to Breakfast Sausage w/ Cardomom & Lemon Zest.  An Absolute Must!
German Christmas Sausage -Flavors of the Christmas Season w/ Raisins.
Lithuanian -Similar to Polish, Finely Ground w/ Onion, NO GARLIC!
Greek Loukaniko - Traditional Greek Pork Sausage w/ Fennel & Orange Peel.

Gyro Bratwurst - Top w/ Onion, Tomato & Tzatziki Sauce for a Real Grecian Treat!

Swedish Potato Sausage - Traditional Swedish Holiday Treat.
Treippen - Luxemburg / German Blood Sausage, Similar to English Black Pudding.
Rinderwurst - Beef Sausage w/ Onion, Oatmeal & a Hint of Clove.  Excellent w/ Eggs!

Kishka - Traditional Polish Blood Sausage w/ Barley.

White Kishka - Same as Traditional Kishka, Without Blood.


Sundried Tomato & Feta Cheese - Absolutely Delicious!
Spring Onion & Garlic - Onion, Chive & Garlic.
Moroccan Lamb - Spicy, Medium Heat w/ North African Spices!
Lamb Bratwurst - Our Original Bratwurst Made w/ Lamb.


Chicken Bratwurst - 100% Chicken Version of Our Original Bratwurst.
Chicken Kicker Bratwurst - 100% Chicken Version of Our Kicker Bratwurst.
Chicken Italian - 100% Chicken Version of Our Sweet Italian Sausage.
Tomato & Basil - Italian Flavors w/ Sundried Tomato & Basil.
Pesto Chicken - w/ Garlic, Basil & Parmesan Cheese.
Southwest Chicken - Spices & Flavors of the American Southwest.
Tequila Chicken - w/ Jose Cuervo Tequila & a Squirt of Lime.
Buffalo Chicken - Spicy Hot Like a Buffalo Chicken Wing w/ Bleu Cheese.
Curry Chicken - Flavorful, Traditional Indian Spices, But Not Hot!
Chicken Cordon Bleu - w/ Diced Ham, Swiss Cheese & Bread Crumbs.


Smoked Bratwurst - Our Hickory Smoked Original Bratwurst.
Smoked Polish Kielbasa - Hickory Smoked Polish Sausage.
Smoked Ukrainian - Coarsely Ground Smoked Pork & Beef Sausage, Similar to Polish.
Smoked Hungarian - Hot & Spicy Smoked Sausage, Loaded w/ Garlic.
Maxwell Street Polish - Bun Sized Smoked Beef & Pork Polish.  A Chicago Tradition!
Texas Hot Link - Hot, Spicy, Smoked & Ready for the Grill!
Andouille - Traditional Creole Sausage. Perfect for Gumbo, Jambalaya, Red Beans & Rice.

Cajun Bratwurst - Bun Sized Traditional Andouille Sausage.
Smoked Bacon / Cheddar - Smokey Bacon & Aged Cheddar Cheese.
Smoked Chocolate / Bacon - Slightly Sweet / Spicy Dark Chocolate w/ Smokey Bacon!
Albanian Sausage - Hot & Spicy All Beef Sausage.
Smoked Bacon / Pineapple - Smokey Bacon & Sweet Pineapple.
Chinese Harbin Red Sausage - Smoked, Similar in Flavor to European Sausages.
Mettwurst - Mild Flavor Ring Sausage, Simmer or Grill.
Teewurst - Similar to Mettwurst.  Spread on Rye Bread, Top w/ Raw Onion!
Thuringer - Savory Sausage w/ Garlic & Caraway.
Kasekrainer - Similar to Thuringer w/ Aged Swiss Cheese. Popular Austrian Sausage.
Jumbo Franks - XXL Veal Hot Dog, Popular in Frankfurt Germany.
Wienerwurst - Long Skinny Veal Hot Dog, Popular in Vienna Austria.
Knackwurst - Short Fat Veal Type Hot Dog, Loaded w/ Bacon & Garlic.


Liverwurst - Homemade Fresh Liver Sausage.
Braunschweiger - Homemade Smoked Liver Sausage.
German Head Cheese -
Hungarian Head Cheese -
Summer Sausage -
Summer w/ Cheese -
Summer w/ Cheese & Jalapeno -
Garlic Summer -
Garlic Summer w/ Cheese - 
Hot Summer -
Beer Salami -
Bologna -
Pepperoni -
Hard Salami 
Hungarian Salami - 
Gelbwurst -  
Jagdwurst -
Schinkenwurst -

Krakauer - 
Blood & Tongue -
Thuringer Blood -
Blood Sausage -
Sulze -
Leberkase -
Liver Dumplings -
Bread Dumplings -

Schnitzel -

   SALADS (Seasonal)

German Potato Salad-
American Potato Salad- 
Coleslaw - 
Baked Beans -
Hot Giardinara -

Westphalian Ham - 
Blackforest Ham -
Heavily Smoked Ham -

Bacon -
Double Smoked Bacon -
Smoked Pork Loin -
Smoked Turkey -                                 


Wurstix - Original -
Wurstix - Atomic -
Wurstix - Cheddar -
Cheese & Jalapeno Pepper -
Garlic Wurstix - 
Garlic & Cheddar -

Dragon Fire Stix  -
Pizza Wurstix - Seasonal
Pepperoni Stix - Seasonal
Tangy Pickle Stix - Seasonal
Pretzelwurst  - Seasonal


Old Fashion Jerky -
Cry Baby Jerky -
Texas Cowboy Jerky -
Buffalo Jerky -
Teryaki Beef Jerky -

          PETS - (Don't Forget Your Best Friend!)

Beef Bones -
Pork Shoulder Bones - 
Pig Ears -
Dinosaur Bones  -