Wurst Kitchen Sausage Co.

Attention Hunters!

    Wurst Kitchen Sausage Company

      Second Avenue & Union Street      
         Aurora, Illinois  60505        
            630 898-9242

Processing At Our Aurora Location Only

      Meat Not Accepted For Processing At Our Plano Outlet Store!        

2017 – 2018 Wild Game Processing Price List

Since 1895, Wurst Kitchen has been making the finest quality, all natural, handmade sausages & smoked meats available anywhere!  Our sausages are made exactly the same way today as when our shop opened 122 years ago!  It’s a long, labor intensive process where all orders are processed individually.  The meat you bring us will be the same meat you get back – Guaranteed!  We use closely trimmed whole muscle meats, fresh herbs & spices, natural casings and real wood smoke to produce a product that is something really special! 

We Will Only Accept Deboned Meat

Cut the meat from the bone, it doesn’t have to be pretty or professional and we’ll take it from there.  We won’t make a product that we won’t eat ourselves.  We will inspect your meat and remove anything that we wouldn’t want in one of our own sausages.  


Minimum Order is Ten Pounds per Item and increases in five pound increments thereafter.


Sausage w/ 1/3 Pork                                   Sausage w/ 1/2 Pork

10# Venison + 5# Pork = 15# Sausage           10# Venison + 10# Pork = 20# Sausage

(Venison x 1.5 = Sausage w/ 1/3 Pork)                   (Venison x 2 = Sausage w/ 1/2 Pork)


All Our Prices Are Based On Finished Weight.  Most places have you pay upfront for the green or starting weight, any shrinkage during the

smoking process is on you!  Here at Wurst Kitchen, the final price is determined by the weight of the finished product, any shrinkage during the smoking process is on us! 


Products & Pricing


  Burger          $1.55 / lb.           Summer Sausage          $3.95 / lb.

Breakfast  $3.25-$3.50 / lb.       Hot Summer Sausage  $3.99 / lb.

Hot Breakfast  $3.25-$3.50 / lb.     Summer w/ Cheese  $4.95 / lb.

Bratwurst  $3.45 / lb.           Summer w/ Chse & Pepper  $4.99 / lb.

Hot Bratwurst  $3.45 / lb.        Garlic Summer Sausage  $3.99 / lb.

Italian  $3.45 / lb.                              Sticks (Regular)  $4.50 / lb.

Hot Italian  $3.45 / lb.                       Sticks w/ Cheese  $5.50 / lb.

Polish  $3.45 / lb.                  Stick w/ Cheese & Pepper $5.60 / lb.    
Smoked Polish  $3.85 / lb.                      Garlic Sticks  $4.60 / lb. 

Smoked Hungarian $3.85 / lb.                     Hot Sticks  $4.60 / lb.