About Wurst Kitchen

Wurst Kitchen Sausage Co.

Welcome to Wurst Kitchen, where since 1895, we've been making the finest all natural handmade sausages and smoked meats available anywhere! 

Our shop began 125 years ago as a full service meat market, serving a predominantly German community. We were well known for our high quality fresh meats and especially for our homemade German sausages. By the mid 1960's we began specializing in traditional European style sausages and smoked meats. Today we make a wide variety of traditional as well as gourmet style sausages and smoked meats. During the course of the year we make over 80 different varieties! 

Although we are a small shop and do not ship our products, our sausages travel all over the USA and even the world!  We have customers that drive hundreds of miles out of their way to buy our sausages.  During the holiday season, when those who have moved away come back to visit with family and friends, our shop is surrounded by out of state license plates of loyal customers wanting to take our products back home.  Nearly everyday we freeze an order for someone who's going to visit an old customer who now lives in another part of the country.  Even European visitors have packed our sausages in their suitcases and taken them back home. 

We at Wurst Kitchen aren't interested in making the most sausage, only the very best!  To make our sausages we use only closley trimmed lean meats and spices.  That's all!  Our sausages do not contain fillers, chemicals, water or preservatives.  One bite and we guarantee, you'll never want to eat any other sausages than those from Wurst Kitchen! 


Two Locations!

  Wurst Kitchen               Wurst Kitchen Outlet

  ( Same Location Since 1895 )                                      &

  638 Second Ave. & Union St.                              Ivana's Cafe

      Aurora, IL  60505                            12 W. Main Street, Plano, IL  60545

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